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Menonim Menonimus is a revolutionary thinker, speaker and writer. He writes almost on all the subjects of human interest. He is not satisfied with the existing ways of life. Therefore he’s been struggling all his life for finding out a way of life which would suit all humans irrespective of caste and creed, high and low, poor and rich and thus would promote human peace, brotherhood, understanding, discipline and prosperity. He thinks humans are in a state of fatal lose and chaos not because they are in lack of resource and knowledge but only that they don’t know how to live. His writings are the outcome of his incessant search for exploring the answer to the question: how to live. His thoughts and feelings, outlooks and philosophies towards life are scattered all over the pages of his writings. This website consists of the writings of none but of Menonim Menonimus only. His writings include the genres of Literary Criticism, Theory, Poetry, Short Story, Essay, Biography and so on. We hope to share his writings with our fellow brothers and sisters through this website.

Comment and criticism of any kind is highly appreciated.