Newspaper is a set of paper giving the latest information on various fields of knowledge and data. It is the easiest means of communication. 

There are different types of newspapers such as- daily, weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Fortnightly and monthly papers are called Magazines.

The modern newspaper was originated in 1536 in Venice of Europe. At first, it was a periodical publication called Gazzetta. In Germany, by the end of the 17th century, there were published three daily newspapers. Hence the newspaper spread in different countries of the world. In India newspaper came into being in 1780 published by James Augustus Hiki.

There is immense usefulness of newspapers. A newspaper publishes varied information that includes politics, economics, literature, sports, scientific etc. The reading of newspaper increases our store of knowledge. It develops a human relationship. It evolves our linguistic ability. Some people read the newspaper for recreation. In building public opinion, the newspaper has no alternatives. 

The newspaper industry is now very developed. It gives us news in an artistic gets up. It also publishes photographs and cartoons. Almost every newspaper publishes an editorial on important news.

But unfortunately, every good thing has also a bad effect. Most papers are seldom impartial. Sometimes some baseless and false news are published which bewilder the reader community. So some amount of carefulness should be maintained while reading news in a newspaper.

Considering the overall significance of the newspaper, it’s bad effects are very less. Everybody should build the habit of reading a newspaper. 0 0 0

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