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The Man I Admire Most

Introduction: The man I admire is Sri Sankerdev. He was the founder of Vaishnavism, a prolific writer and social reformer.

Birth and Parentage: Sri Sankardeva was born in 1449 in the village called Alipukhuri in the district of Nagaon, Assam. Kushumber Bhuyan was his father and Satya Shandhya was his mother. He lost his parents in his childhood. Then he was brought up by his grandmother, Khershuti.

Education:  At the age of twelve he was taken to the tool of Pandit Mahendra Kandali. There, under Kandali, he learned Sanskrit and Sanskrit scriptures, Byakaran and some other Sastras within a very short period.

Pilgrimage: He was a descendant of the noble Bara Bhuyan dynasty of Assam.  After the death of his father, he inherited his father’s property.  But he was indifferent to worldly matters and soon he handed over his property to his uncle and set out for pilgrimage.

For twelve years he travelled throughout North -East India and visited many sacred places like Dharaka, Mathura, Brindaban etc.  Returning from his pilgrimage, he began to preach Vaishnavism in Assam.

Why I Admire Him: He is my ideal great man and I admire him most for the following reasons.

First, he was a prophet as he introduced a new sect of religion and through it, he gave a spiritual unity to a disorderly nation. 

Secondly, Sankardev was a prolific writer. He composed songs, hymns, dramas and some other valuable books.  Kirtan Ghosha is his masterpiece. It is considered to be the text Book of Vaishnavism. His religion is based on Sri Bhagbat Gita.  ‘Ek Deva Ek Seva Ek Bine Nai Keo’ (There is none but only one God whom all should worship)  is the creed of his religion.

Thirdly, he was a social reformer also.  He gave the Assamese nation an ordered life. His religion teaches that all the beings and things are the creations of only one God and we should look on all being with equal eyes. There is no high and low in the eyes of God. His teachings teach us the lessons of love, brotherhood and unity among the human race. He set up many namghars (prayer Houses) in many places of Assam which brought unity among the people of Assam. 

Conclusion: Sankardeva is now regarded as the real founder of modern Assamese culture.  His contribution to the Assamese nation and culture is unique. he died in 1568 at the age of 119 in Koch Bihar. 0 0 0

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