Hira Bansode

Hira Bansode (1939-), was an Indian Marathi Dalit poetess who articulated the pains and sufferings, hardships and hopes, dreams and reality of the lives of the lower castes in her poems. She struggled through her writings for caste equality which seemed to be a dream of the lower castes of people even after the independence of India.

Hira Bansode was born into a Mahar (low caste) family in a village of Pune district, Maharashtra. When she was still a child, her parents moved to Bombay where her father became a municipal worker (sweeper). Child Hira took her education there. She was a victim of child marriage and got married at the age of thirteen. But her husband and father-in-law encouraged her to get higher education. Subsequently, she took M. A. degree in Marathi literature.

From her childhood, she was a lover of songs which later on found expression in her verses. She had published three collections of poetry as Pournima, Phiyad (1984) and Phoenix (2001). As a Dalit poetess, she has been acclaimed highly and owned several awards.

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