Joytiprashad Agarwala

Joytiprashad Agarwala (1903- 1951) was a poet, lyricist, dramatist, cinema director and freedom fighter.

Joytiprashad Agarwala was born in the Tea Garden of Tamulbari. His father’s name was Paramanada Agrawala and mother’s name was Kiranmoi Agarwala. He matriculated in 1926 and went to England for higher education but he returned without taking any degree. Then he went to Germany to take training in cinematography. After returning from Germany he produced and directed the first Assamese cinema Joymoti in 1935. In  Quit India Movement, 1942 he took an active part. 1939 he made the second Assamese cinema called ‘Indramalati’.

He composed many lyrics on the themes of patriotism, nature, love, beauty and rebellion against the British Rule in India. He also wrote some plays as Sonit Kunwari, Karengar Ligiri, Lavita, Khanikar, Nimati Kaina, Shun Pakhili, Kanaklata and Sundar Kunwar

    Through his writings, Jotiprashad Agarwala celebrated the glory of beauty in all things so he is called ‘Rupkunwar‘ (Prince of Beauty).

He died in 1951 A. D.

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