Omprakash Valmiki

Omprakash Valmiki

Omprakash Valmiki (1950-2013) was an Indian Hindi Writer. He was born in a village near Muzzafarnagar in Uttar Pradesh to a lower caste family. He took up higher education and become an engineer by profession.  He began his writing career at the age of twenty-four. Joothan, autobiographical writing is said to be his best creation. In the book, he has narrated his sad experiences as a Dalit. Besides this, Omprakash Valmiki has to his credit two anthologies of short stories: Salam and Guspathiye and three anthologies of poetry: Sadiyan Ka Santaap (1989), Bas Ab Bahut Ho Chuka (1997) and Ab Aur Nahin (2003).  

He died of cancer in 2013.


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