Andrew Marvell (1621-1678) was an English poet who belonged to the Metaphysical group of poets of the 17th century. As a poet, Marvell was typically Metaphysical both in theme and style. Marvel wrote on the theme of love, religion, nature and patriotism. His poetic style is characterized by the use of far-fetched similes, metaphors, hyperboles and other figures of speech which are commonly called conceits.  Besides these, there are wit, irony, the concreteness of thoughts, condensation of structure, dramatic quality, unification of feeling-emotion-intellect, varied allusions and references and logical arguments. His conceits are not mere decoration but he used them to define, to persuade and to lead his feeling to a definite conclusion. His love poems are amorous. Beauty in women becomes the source of his love poems. His love begins in the flesh and ends in mind. 

His poetic output was not bulky but meagre – about forty in English and a few in Latin. But they are a better specimen of perfect art. He, as a poet, was less original because the influence of his contemporary metaphysical poets is apparently visible in his poetry. His concepts are modelled after that of John Donne. His place as a poet, in English literature, rests merely on his amorous verses and as a poet of love, he is next only to John Donne.

He was born in 1621 in Yorkshire England. He took his education at Eton College Cambridge. From his studenthood, he began to pursue poetry. In 1642, after his parents’ death, he took up residence in London. In 1653 he was introduced to John Milton, the epic poet of his day and continued to be his friend throughout his life. For some years he worked as a tutor. In 1658 he became a member of parliament and remained in that post till his death.

In 1678 Andrew Marvel died of malaria. He left no will. He had never married and died as a bachelor. 0 0 0


Resource Book: The World Writer: Brief Biographies by Menonim Menonimus



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