The Poetry of Nirodbaran– Chief Features

Nirodbaran is an Indo-Anglian minor poet. He is basically a mystic poet because like his previous poets  Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Nizamat Jung mystic note play an important role almost in his best poems. Like a mystic, he believes in the existence and immortality of tri-souls- human soul, Divine Soul and the soul of Nature. And more as a mystic poet, he believes in the communication and union of the human soul with the Divine Soul. His only one anthology of poetry ‘Songs from the Soul’ is replete with his mystic vision.

In the poem ‘Resurrection’ he experiences the vision of God in Nature. First, the poet sees a bird in a silent night, but instantly it turns into a glow of light which the poet believes to be the Spirit of God. He says:

”But like a resurrection comes

A sudden glow,

Of a limitless gold dripping sun

And melts the snow.”

The poem entitled ‘Primal Source’ is a great mystic poem. In this poem, the poet says that the universe is nothing but the self-expression of God. Everything comes out of the Divine Spirit and takes different shapes, in the very first stanza of the poem, the poet says:

”In a strange thrill of fire my spirit leaps

As I remember thy mysterious face;

All beauty seems a spark born from thy grace;

Even the dim invisible flame that sleeps.”

In the same poem, the poet believes that his spirit and the Divine Spirit are the same things. There is no difference. The poet meets unification with God as he says:

”My solitude is filled with thy delight;

Drinking thy beauty like a passionate wine

My flickering mortality grows divine,

A shadowless image of Infinite.”

The ‘Unknown Creeper’ is another poem which also bears the mystic note, but the mystic note in this poem is not as apparent as is seen in the two above analyzed poems. In the poem the poet says:

”The Dark One has put on the gold garland,

On her delicate brow is the flame of red sandal-

The Eternal Memory from the earth’s forgotten depths.”

From the above discussion, it is seen that Nirodbaran is a true mystic poet. But it is to allude here that his mystic poems are akin to that of Nizamat Jung especially in experiencing the vision of God in Nature.

The language and the style of Nirodbaran’s poetry are easy and simple as that of Swami Vivekananda. Though he wrote only a few mystic poems yet his few mystic poems are great. As a mystic poet, he deserves the same place as his previous Indo-Anglian mystic poets deserve. 0 0 0

The essay originally belongs to the book ‘Indian Poets and Poetry- Chief Features‘ by Menonim Menonimus)


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