Deforestation-A Paragraph

Clearing a forest off its trees and vegetation is called  ‘Deforestation’. The land thus obtained is then used for constructing residential or industrial areas or for the practice of agriculture or for laying roads or railway tracks. But the ecosystem and environment are irreversibly damaged due to deforestation. Trees and vegetation in a forest take a long time to grow. Although a forest takes years to grow, man’s desire and greed can destroy it in minutes. Trees and forests play a very important role in our ecosystem. Forests have a great floral variety that includes trees, creepers, climbers, grasses, shrubs, herbs etc. Many wildlife species like mammals, birds, reptiles and insects live in the forest. There live large animals such as elephants, rhinoceros and tigers, and smaller ones such as foxes, jackals, antelopes, rabbits etc. There are many types of birds found in forests. There are many varieties of snakes, butterflies and insects that also live in the forest. All these wildlife species depend on forests for their food. These species lose their homes and food when forests are cleared. Thus we lose wildlife diversity by cutting down the trees of the forest. It is from deforestation that we have lost wildlife like leopards and many others and the lives of many species are endangered. Some species have got extinct so far. The scientific report says that humans are in imminent danger and ruin due to the adverse effect of their foolish acts towards nature. For want of ample forest land, global warming is increasing. The climate is changing. Drought and untimely flood are now common phenomena. All these foretell that the future of the Earth as well the living organisms on it are facing a drastic menace in the imminent future. Therefore if we want to keep our mother-earth habitable and congenial to us and to other living beings we should prohibit deforestation and must take to plant more and more trees. Let us protect the forests, let us live like humans. 0 0 0

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