Independence Day-A Paragraph

‘Independence’ means the state of being free from dependence. From the sixteenth century, many countries of the world had been losing their independece in the hands of some imperialist countries like England, French, Portugal, Spain and some others. India also became a victim of the British occupation in the eighteenth century and they governed India till the first half of the twentieth century.  But under a series of struggle, India got its freedom from the grip of the British on August 15, 1947. Then a gazetted holiday is declared to commemorate this date every year. Hence the celebration of the Independence Day on every 15th August becomes a great national festival of India. The celebration of Independece Day is inaugurated with hoisting the National Flag at 7 o’clock in the morning. It is celebrated with great pomp and entertainment. The Prime Minister of India delivers a lecture addressing the people of India from the Red Fort, Old Delhi. In every school and college, Independence Day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.  On this day many cultural programmes are held in schools, colleges, clubs and some government offices. Some competition is also held. In some institutions, a special meeting is also held where the teachers and students deliver lectures commemorating the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for our motherland. Independence Day inspires us to be ever ready to love our country and sacrifice our lives for our honour and integrity. 0 0 0

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