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Mr Ashraf

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Who loved me much

Withstanding all my childish frolics.

 Menonim Menonimus






‘Advertisement’ is a notice or announcement especially drawing public attention favourably to some products or services through popular mediums like- newspaper, poster, broadcast, magazine, television, radio, cinema etc. Nowadays Advertisement is a very popular medium of drawing public attention to some business products or services.

There are two types of Advertisement as- General or Display Advertisement and Classified Advertisement.

General or Display Advertisement is made to attract the immediate attention of a large number of readers. They are printed in bold letters covering comparatively more space. Such Advertisements are given by the manufacturers of goods to promote the sale of their products. Government and voluntary organizations also give such Advertisement in newspapers or magazines for public awakening or general information. This type of Advertisement specifies the name, function, utility, availability and address where the products are available. 

On the other hand, Classified Advertisement is the public announcement informing some situation, vacant post or any other services. This type of Advertisements is only for information and is written generally in brief sentences without any design or graphics. They are like notices. 

There are some Salient Features of an Advertisement, such as-

i. It is precise and to the point. 

ii. The language used is formal, simple and fanciful.

iii. Minimum words are used.

iv. It is comprehensive.

v.It is attractive.

Some specimens of both types of advertisements are given below. The learners should practise them well.




1. An Advertisement to promote the sales of Riya Water tank.


Best Quality, Low Price

Water Tank


Aryan Industrial Enterprise

B. K. Road, Harsha Bazaar, Shop No 4.


Phone: 9613083457

Available at the entire Retail Showrooms all over North-East India.


2. An Advertisement to promote the Sales of Dewan Steel Tubes and Pipes.


Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes

Salient Features:

1st Standard

Rust Free

All-Weather Tubes and Pipes

2 Years Warranty

Low Rate

Available all over India.

CAUTION: Beware of Imitation




3.  An advertisement Prepared on behalf of Arupa Electricals about their Inverters.


(Battery Operated & I. C. Controlled 280 Watts to 1500 Watts)

Salient Features:


Latest Technology

Battery charging from 145 VAC

Auto Controlled Reset

No Noise Pollution


Pan Bazar, Ghy-1

PHONE- 9876906539


4. An Advertisement to promote the sales of Tata Nano.




Easy Finance

Easy Insurance

Special offers: 20% discount. 

Visit our Showroom s in all leading cities.


5. A display advertisement on behalf of a film producer to attract smart boys to act in a new film.



Only Boys to act on Their Upcoming Film PRIYA

         Apply with a copy of full-size recent photograph

By 31st December 2019


21 Rajani Path





There are many categories of Classified Advertisement such as- Placement Services, Educational,  Accommodation, To let, Property, Vehicles, Financial, Tours and Travels, Counseling, Matrimonial, Proposals etc.

Some Specimens are given below:


1. Suppose you are Prakash Mehta, the General Manager of Burdha India Pvt. Ltd. a renowned manufacturer of Auto Parts. Draft a suitable advertisement for a newspaper for the post of an Engineer.

Situation Vacant

Burdha India Pvt. Ltd. renowned manufacturers of Auto Parts required a Mechanical Engineer. The candidate should be M. E. in Mechanical Engineering with three years of experience. Salary and other allowance are negotiable. The applicant should be fluent in Hindi, English and Bengali. He should have a charming and impressive personality. Apply within seven days with full bio-data.


General Manager

Burdha India Pvt. Ltd.



2. Anandaram Baruah Academy needs a Science Teacher. Draft a suitable advertisement in about 75 words.

Situation Vacant

We want a result-oriented Science Teacher with excellent academic background. Salary is approximately 25,000 besides other allowance. 

He must be an M. Sc. in Chemistry and he should have a minimum of 5 years experience in any Govt. or Private institution.  

The candidate with B. Ed. would be given preference. 

Willing applicants should send their complete bio-data to the following address within 10 days of the advertisement.

R. P Shastri


Anandaram Baruah Academy,



3. Suppose you are the Principal of M. K. College, Dhubri. You want a Female Dance Teacher for your college. Draft an advertisement to be published in the Classified Column of a daily newspaper. 

Post of a Female Dance Teacher

We have been looking for a qualified and experienced Lady Dance Teacher, expert in different modes of dance, especially in North-East Regional Dances. The salary is approximately 25000.00 rupees per month with other allowance. The candidates with a pleasing and charming personality and a degree in dance need apply within 10 days of the advertisement. 

Apply to :


M. K. College,

Dhubri- 8


4. Suppose you are Gautam, running a Call centre at Bongaigaon Town for which you require Team Leader. Draft an advertisement not more than 50 words for situation vacant column in a daily newspaper.

Team Leader for a Call Centre

We want a Team Leader for our Call centre in Bongaigaon. The willing candidates should be Graduate in any discipline with at least 3 years experience as Team Leader in any Call Centre. The applicant should be fluent in speaking Hindi, English and Assamese with excellent communicative skill. 

Apply To :

G. B. Enterprise

Bongaigaon- 7.


5. An Accountant needs some part-time work in accounts. Draft an advertisement for a local daily paper in about 50 words.

Situation Wanted

Experienced and skilled Accountant with M. B. qualification and computer Diploma is available for a part-time job. He has been maintaining in M/S Alakesh Chemicals for six years. Payments are negotiable. Please contact 9613083457.


6. You are a graduate of Arts. Draft a suitable advertisement seeking a job.

Situation Wanted

A first-class Graduate of Arts having a major in English with five years of teaching experience looks for the job of a  Teacher in any prestigious High School. Age 30. Expected salary 25,000.00

Please contact: 9154385742

Babesh Senny

Malo Nagar



7. You are a teacher. You need a suitable accommodation to open up a Coaching Centre. Write an advertisement for it to be published in a local daily newspaper. 

Accommodation Wanted

A suitable House is needed as rent to open up a Coaching Centre in and around Jalukbari, Guwahati. The house should be spacious with attached bathroom, latrine, urinal and available water supply. 

Please contact:

Reshma Shashi

Hatigaon, Guwahati

Phone: 9087612395


8. Write out a matrimonial column for publication in a newspaper for a suitable match for your sister.

Groom  Wanted

Guwahati based serviceman invites marriage proposals for his beautiful, charming fair-complexioned sister. Age 25, height160 c. m. with B. Sc. Degree, daughter of a School Teacher. The match must be handsome and come off an esteemed family. Kindly respond with full bio-data to the following address:

Nabin House

Rastri Basti


Phone: 5673489130


9. Suppose you are the Secretary of the Students’ Union of your school. Write an appeal to the students inviting funds for the war- martyrs to be published in The Hindustan Times.

Donate to National Martyr’s Fund

Many of our brave, devoted soldiers sacrificed their lives in Kashmir-Pakistan Boarder of our country in the hands of terrorists. It is our sacred duty to raise funds for their grieved families. All kind-hearted are requested to denote funds generously for the war heroes families. The funds should reach the undersigned by 31st December so that the same may be forwarded to the National Martyrs’ Fund immediately.

Alaka Chaudhary

General Secretary,

Students’ Union,

Barpeta Road Govt. Aided High School.


10. You are Marami Baruah. You have lost your H. S. L. C. Mark sheet. Give detail of your lost. Your description should be fitted for the LOST & FOUND Column in a daily newspaper.


I, Marami Baruah,  lost my H. S. L. C. Mark sheet bearing Roll-k 201 No. 5310 and Registration No. o53857/2008. Janmahal Academy, Ghy-3. Phone: 3451240986.


11. You are Arun Das / Arunima Das, a resident of 16, Gopinath Bordoloi Nagar, Tinsukia. You have lost a black handbag containing Valuable documents while travelling from Digboi to Tinsukia by bus. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words, for publication in an English daily giving details for the bag, mentioning when you have lost it and giving your contact address requesting the finder to return it to you.


I, Sri Arun Das has lost a black leather handbag on 16th February 2019 containing some important documents as H.S.L.C. Certificate, Marksheet, Admit Card while travelling from Digboi to Tinisukiya by bus.

The finder is highly requested to communicate to the following address:

Arun Das

16, Gopinath Bordoloi Nagar, 


Contact No: 9409845739 


12. Someone of your family has got lost. Give full details of him to Guwahati Doordarshan.


My younger brother named Kriti Baruah, aged 25, height 5 feet 6 inches, fair complexion, plain black hair has got lost. On the day of missing he was wearing black pant, white shirt and black shoes. He can speak Hindi, English, Bengali and Assamese fluently. Anyone knowing his whereabouts, please contact to:

Mira House

Bongaigaon Town,

Ward No. 7

Phone: 8971237645


13. You want to sale your Maruti Car. Write out a suitable advertisement to be published in the FOR SALE Column of a local English Daily.

For  Sale

2008, Maruti Car-A. C. singled owned stereo tyres, new battery, original, plain, pink colour, the engine in excellent condition is to sell. Owner is leaving Guwahati for Kolkata. Payment cash with all the relevant documents. Contact to:

Ashish Ahmed

New Nagar


Phone: 9613083458


14. Suppose you are Rajesh Chaudhary. You want to buy a flat in Guwahati. Write an advertisement detailing your requirements and your capacity to pay.

Four-room Flat Wanted

Required a four-room flat with all amenities and facilities preferably on first to five floors in Chandmari, Guwahati. Preferred both sides open corridor and car stoppage facilities. Pay is negotiable. Contact to:

R. Chaudhary

Seoj Nagar,


Phone: 7653421094


15. Suppose you have a big building with spacious several rooms. You want to let out a portion of your house. Draft a suitable advertisement detailing its facilities to be published in the TO LET Column of a daily newspaper.

To Let

 An R. C. C. Building at Chandmari, Guwahati with all the modern facilities as- three spacious bedrooms, a kitchen, a drawing-room, a dining hall and an attached bathroom is to let. Rent approximately 10,000 rupees per month. 

Contact to:

Ramen Chaudhary B. D. S.

Ananda Mahal,

Nagar Kata, Guwahati.

Phone: 1232345696


16. You are a Yoga Teacher. Suppose you have opened up a Yoga Centre recently at New Basti, Dibrugarh. Draft an advertisement to be published in a local English daily.

Yoga Centre

Yoga Exercise taught practically by experts and professional Yogists. Separate half an hour for health guidance. Classes are held only in the evening from 3 p. m. to 8 p. m. 

Contact to:

Director, Yoga Centre

New Basti,


Mobile: 8975432876


17. You are Rima/ Rahim, a resident of House No. 16, Bapuji Nagar, Tinsukia. You have lost your suitcase containing valuable documents while travelling from Tinsukia to Jorhat by train. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words for publication in an English daily giving details of the suitcase, when you had lost it and giving your contact address requesting the finder to return it to you.


A Red Suite case is lost on March 12, 2019, while travelling from Tinsukia to Jorhat at about 7 .a. m. It contained some valuable documents including H. S. L. C. Mark Sheet, Admit Card and Registration Card.  The finder is highly requested to communicate with the following addressee: 


House No. 16, 

Bapuji Nagar, Tinsukia

Contact: 9115678342084


18. You are a Personal Manager of Hotel Taj International, Guwahati. You need two lady receptionists and five security guards for the hotel. Write an advertisement for the posts which is to be published in an English daily.

Situation Vacant

Wanted two lady receptionists age not exceed than 16 and five Security Guards age limit 25 for the hotel Taj International, Guwahati. The receptionists must know Assamese, English and Hindi.  A salary of 10.000 (ten thousand) rupees with bonus will be entertained from the joining day. The interested candidates are asked to send their application along with bio-data in Standard Form on or before 17th January 2019 to the following address: 

General Manager

Taj International



19. You are the proprietor of Grassland Resort, Kaziranga. Write an advertisement to be published in an English newspaper offering an attractive discount to Holiday packages. (Word limit: 50 words)

Attractive Discount 

Grassland Resort, Kaziranga,  offers an attractive discount from 30% to 50 % of accommodation costs on account of New Years Week. Willing tourists may book in advance. This opportunity is open to 15th  December 2020.


A. D. Deori

Grassland Resort, Kaziranga.

Contact No: 9101249321

The End


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