A Village Fair

Introduction: ‘Village Fair’ refers to the gathering of people to buy and sell necessary goods. Its speciality is that it is held on some days having religious or other social significance. With buying and selling goods there are provisions of entertainment at a village fair. Men,  women and children gather at the village fair to purchase their necessary good along with entertainment. It also mobilizes the farmers of a region to sell and buy agricultural products and the things produced in their cottage industries. 

In a village fair, various goods and articles are kept for sale and display. Items of entertainment such as magic shows, merry-go-rounds and theatre shows and so on are organized. Exhibitions of various types of machinery are seen at the village fairs. The fair authority puts some volunteers to make the villagers aware of those things. 

The site for the village fair is usually selected either on the banks of a river or in an open field or on a public road that is connected to good road communication. Village fairs are generally held after the harvesting season. There is no hard and first rule as to how long the village fair should continue. Sometimes it lasts for a week and sometimes for a fortnight.

Some preparation is necessary to organize a village fair and there are both temporary toilets and urinals for men and women along with the drinking water system. Some rows of temporary stalls are constructed in the village fair. Volunteers are appointed to maintain peace and discipline. Some two or three days before the fair, people start arranging their shops with a variety of things. The shops are beautifully decorated to attract buyers and this brings beauty and grandeur to the village fair. In a village fair,  various kinds of items like toys, dolls, balls etc. for children, various ornaments for women and girls and many other items are displayed. Furniture of various designs, fishing nets, pottery, various clothes and many other items are kept for sale. Apart from these, some people are busy in displaying balloons, sweets, toys for children only. 

A village fair is busy with a crowd of people and echoes of joy and ecstasy are heard from far and wide. Government departments like fisheries, agriculture, family planning etc. arrange exhibitions in such fairs to make people aware of the facilities offered by these departments. In this way, a modern village fair provides entertainment and facilities for selling and buying local products to the people.

A village fair also helps in the development of cottage industries and handicrafts as it provides a market for their domestic works. A village fair, thus, provides the scope of marketing and entertainment to all categories of people.  0 0 0

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