Importance of Sports

Introduction: Sports are physical activities with the entertainment of an individual or team that competes against another individual or a group of individuals.  Usually ‘sports’  refers to some outdoor exercises that make us happy. 

Types of Sports: There are different types of sports such as: running, racing, athletics, swimming, boxing etc.  These are outdoor sports and they provide us with entertainment. These sports entertain both spectators and players. In addition, sports provide an opportunity to show certain talents of the participants.

Importance of Sports: Sports are important for us. Because we do not always like to be confined to our regular lives. Sometimes we get tired. Life then becomes dull and boring. Sports make our body and mind fresh and relaxed. They enable us to forget our busy lives for sometime and encourage us to resume our tasks. Thus, sports provide pleasure with diversion.

The harmonious and balanced development of both body and mind bring happiness to us and we derive them form sports. We know that too much mental exercise without any physical exercise ruins our health. When we exercise our organs along with the exercise of the mind, we become strong and active in both body and mind. Sports carry this practice to our organs. It builds our muscles and gives the energy to work. 

All schools, colleges and universities have the provision of various sports for students. These educational institutions arrange annual sports week for the students. Nowadays students also participate in sports like football, volleyball, race, tennis, cricket etc. Rural sports meetings are also held under the patronage of the government to entertain and please the rural people on one hand and to encourage the players interested in various sports on the other.

Sports teach us discipline. It trains and builds our character. Players always listen to the captain and the referee or umpire. Every game has an established set of rules. Players always have to follow those rules. When the games are played with interest and following the rules, the purpose of the games is served.  In this way, games teach us to control our nature and temptations. 

We have heard of the Olympic Games.  These are the games played between the players of different countries of the world. The purpose of the Olympic Games and the Asian Games is to bring together players from all over the world. It creates an international unity and develops a universal brotherhood.

The government has also become aware of the value of sports. Hundreds and thousands of rupees are spent every year in the name of sports and games. 

Conclusion: Misbehavior and bad motives are harmful to sports. It spoils the spirit and ideals of the game. The students should be encouraged to participate in games and sports from their initial stages. 0 0 0

(This essay’ Importance of  Sports-An Essay‘ originally belongs to the book’ School Essays‘ by Menonim Menonimus)

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