‘Obedience’ is the behaviour that is respectful and mindful to rules and laws, to an authority or to our ever well-wishers. Obedience is not servility. It is a virtue to live a happy, disciplined and ordered social life.  

Obedience is important in every sphere of our lives: in school, college, army, family, sports etc. We should act according to the rules and orders set by the authorities.

The lesson of obedience begins at home. If the children or members of the family do not follow the rules of the family, there can be no peace and order in the family. 

The next stage where we can learn about the value of obedience is the society where we live in. To live in a society we must abide by some rules, convention, rituals etc. Otherwise, our social life would turn into chaos.  

After home and society, we learn the lesson of obedience in school and college. Every educational institution has a set of rules and regulations and everybody must follow them. For example, the students must obey the teachers and their instructions. Otherwise, education is impossible.  

Similarly, there will always be chaos and if we do not follow the laws of the state. Obedience is the first condition of happiness.

Obedience builds our character. It trains our brain. It teaches us to control our passions and temptations. It is our social and human duty to obey our parents. They think and work for our good. Controlling our passions and temptations lead us ahead.  

We must exercise our discretion and judgment in being obedient. Obedience to foreign domination is not obedience. Lack of obedience in one’s decision becomes tyrannical. So we learn to obey orders with conscience and judgment. Obedience makes social life easier and binds one with the other.

Obedience is most important for students. If they are disobedient, they cannot learn anything and cannot build their character. Disobedient students become violent in nature and behaviour and they cause chaos and indiscipline in classrooms, in meetings,  in the examination hall and everywhere. Students are the future leaders and administrators of the country. If they do not make a habit of being obedient, then they may not have the virtue of commanding others. To command others is to learn to obey others. Obeying others is not a matter of shame or humiliation. It is a virtue that contributes to the happiness of our social life. 0 0 0

(This essay ‘Obedience-An Essay originally belongs to the book’ School Essays‘ by Menonim Menonimus)

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