Introduction: Swimming is a physical activity of propelling oneself through water using the limbs. Swimming is liked by many of us. 

Swimming as an Art: Swimming, in the past, was considered to be a popular art. This art was highly acclaimed in ancient times. Swimming was essential when there was no bridge and no important system of communication. People living beside a river or a sea practised swimming. Most of these people could swim like frogs. But swimming is not an inborn habit. It requires practices. The more we take to swimming the more we become expert in it. To some people,  swimming become a passion.

Importance of Swimming: Some people practice swimming out of necessity while some practise it out of joy. Still swimming has been recognized as a good form of exercise. In swimming,  limbs are to be moved. It provides good exercise to our bodily organs. Any form of systematic and regular exercise is good for health, so also swimming helps us in improving our health.

Everybody should learn how to swim. The important requirements for swimming are good health and muscular strength.  Swimming is not only a form of exercise for pleasure, but it is a skill also. On some occasions, good swimmers are necessary for society. During floods, boat-wreck, shop-wreck etc. a healthy and clever swimmer proves to be of immense service to the people. 

Science has presented the world with easy and speedy means of communication on the land, sea and in space. In view of such improvements in communication, the importance of swimming is lessened. But this art cannot be totally rejected. To move on the sea we have ships, to cross rivers we have motor-boats. Still swimming is essential. Nature is powerful enough to outdo the efficiency of anything and everything made by man. So, ship-wrecks and boat wrecks are there on the sea and river. To rescue the people or to save the victims, we need people who are good swimmers. People working in defence service are trained in acquiring this art of swimming. Swimming had virtue in it. A good swimmer can save a drowning man. Thus he can give life to a dying man. A swimmer realizes the value of swimming. Swimming thus ennobles us and also gives us pleasure. Training and intelligence depend on becoming a good swimmer.

Swimming is practised in many ways. The chief and popular of those is the breast-stroke system. It helps in saving a drowning man. Other strokes help us in gaining speed. The side-stroke is very pleasing but it makes the swimmer feel tired very soon. 

For fishermen and anglers, swimming is very important.  In the Olympic and Asian Games, there is an event on swimming. In this age of specialization, the art of swimming has importance as it provides scope to specialize and to prove one’s capability. It is now considered as a part of games and sports. To swim across the English Channel is really a thrilling and exciting event. 

Conclusion: Nowadays swimming is a recognised form of sports. We should encourage our children to practise swimming. 0 0 0

(This essay ‘Swimming-An Essay‘ originally belongs to the book’ School Essays‘ by Menonim Menonimus)

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