The Importance of English in Modern India

Introduction: English is one the most logical, rich and popular languages of the world. It is now used as a medium of international communication. But the English language is a foreign language to the people of India. It came to India with the British who made it the language of administration and transaction. Although, the Indians have achieved independence many years ago, yet they learn English for a variety of reasons.

Each Indian state has its own state language but it is a matter of regret that there is not a common language for internal connectivity with all the states. Though Hindi is said to be the common language of India yet, many Indians do not like to take it as a medium of internal communication. The  South Indian people find it hard to learn  Hindi. So they are to perform all the transactions through English.  However, except Hindi, a  common Indian language is still a dream to replace English at all levels of administration, education and country-based competitive examinations.

For the Indians, English is a library language for acquiring knowledge of modern science and technology. India cannot live separately in these fields of knowledge from the rest of the world. So Indian students learn English besides their mother tongue. Students have to supplement their knowledge by reading books and journals in English. 

Our country has made a lot of progress in various fields. Yet we cannot be content with what we have achieved. To represent our culture and achievements abroad we need to learn English.

English literature has a huge impact on Indian literature. Some Indian authors wish to get readers internationally of their writings through translation. So, the Indians have to learn English.  

Among our young students we look for diplomats, thinkers, scientists interpreters, etc. to participate in international affairs. Therefore, they must study compulsory English. 

From all these considerations, it is important for us to learn English. 

Learning English is a daunting task for Indian students. However, as they need to learn English, some new methods of learning English should be formulated so that the Indian can learn English easily. 0 0 0

(This essay’The Importance of English in Modern India- An Essay‘ originally belongs to the book’ School Essays‘ by Menonim Menonimus)

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