The Role of Students in Nation Building

Introduction: Industrial advancement and scientific expansion have brought about a paradigm shift in all areas of our lives. The students find themselves in a drastically changed environment. A student should adjust himself to this changed surroundings and environment.

People differ on the issue of students’ involvement in the affairs of society and country. Whatever is said on this, we must remember that students are also the members of the society and country in which they live. Naturally, they should be aware of the affairs of their society. Furthermore, today’s students are the citizens, leaders and administrators of tomorrow. They should develop a sense of responsibility. They should be equipped with the knowledge of those besides doing their studies dedicatedly. Thus students cannot confine themselves to the books only keeping in mind their responsibilities to the nation.

The future citizens of the country bear certain responsibilities for their country. It is not desired that students should raise the affairs of the country at the cost of their valuable academic lives. Nevertheless, they cannot relinquish their responsibilities of the nation under the pretext of the academic career.

Students are more or less free from bias and prejudice. They can help build societies that will contribute strongly to the welfare of the nation. They can do this by offering social services, especially during their holidays.

Our society is now in a crisis of class struggle, poverty, illiteracy – and all these give rise to many other evils. Most of our people in remote villages live in unhygienic surroundings. Their children are illiterate. Unscrupulous middlemen exploit them mercilessly for their ignorance. Students can help overcome these social evils by providing social services during their holidays. They can enable uneducated villagers to read and write.  They can educate them on the importance of clean living, the need for family planning and many other unavoidable issues. It can thus turn the students to responsible citizens of the country. Students also get a double benefit from such social work. They learn about the feelings and sufferings of the people. Such activities of the students provide scope for getting training for their future life.

The student community is a powerful force of a nation. If they are led properly then the nation will bear fruits to all. But selfish politicians confuse our students to achieve this. At their instigation, the students become violent, take out processions, organize agitations and so on.  Again when the students try to seek public support for the right cause, the selfish leaders start agitating to suppress them. 

Thus our young students are misguided. But the students are now at a turning point. They have to guard against such evils so that they do not fall prey to those dishonest politicians. To stay away from such evils, students should train themselves by acquiring knowledge on various branches of their studies. They must build good character, must be imbued by democratic and noble ideals. 

At present the duties and responsibilities of the students have increased a lot. The students are the protectors and creators of our nation. The nation looks forward to receiving selfless services from the student community. Therefore, students have a definite role in nation-building. 0 0 0

(This essay ‘The Role of Students in Nation Building’ originally belongs to the book’ School Essays‘ by Menonim Menonimus)

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