The Value of Experience in Life

‘Experience’ is the knowledge of an event or subject gained through involvement in it. In other words, to say, the experience is an impression fallen on someone by an event.

The world is full of wonders and mysteries. But our life is short. During this short time, a man has to know and learn many things. He must know and learn until the end of his life. He learns a great deal from books, from teachers, from elders and from his surroundings. Our memory is not so sharp that we can preserve all the information that we learn from them. But when we learn from our practical life it remains alive for a long time. Every event leaves an impression on our mind which can hardly be swept off. Therefore experience is the best teacher.

Experience makes us aware of the art of living. When we know and learn things and use them in practical life then our knowledge becomes complete in itself. We realize the usefulness of our knowledge. But experience alone cannot teach us mathematics, chemistry, biology and other branches of learning. Knowledge of those subjects learnt from books or from teachers become alive if we apply them in our practical life. We read about hills, mountains, seas, oceans etc. in geography but when we get a chance to see them in our own eyes then our knowledge on them get matured.

Again our life is surrounded by events. We have read about events which are recorded in books. But these cannot come to us in the same way. It depends on time, place and circumstance. Reading about death is quite different from watching it. Experience is the best teacher in teaching us the art of living under different circumstances.

The life experiences of our ancestors are recorded in books and we can go through them. Our seniors and teachers also help us with their learning that they have gained from their experiences. But we do not always act on the advices and warnings of others. If a child is advised not to play with fire, he cares a little until he gets the experience of burning his fingers while playing with fire. Thus the child learns to dread the fire through experience. 

Overwork is harmful to health. But an energetic youth does not care about it. When his health reduces for overwork only then he experiences the meaning of that good lesson. Thus our knowledge deeps through practical involvement to events.

Experience is power. It strengthens our will power, determination, patience and courage. When we come over the misfortunes of bad days with patience then we realize the value of patience. 

Every experience is a good lesson for our life.  An experienced man is not lost in the whirlpools of this world. So we should be mindful to the events that happen in our surroundings and learn lessons from them to make our life more meaningful. 0 0 0

(This essay’The Value of Experience in Life-An Essay‘ originally belongs to the book’ School Essays‘ by Menonim Menonimus)

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