Utility of Leisure-An Essay

Utility of Leisure

‘Leisure’ means freedom from compulsory tasks or duties. It also refers to the time when a person is free from regular engagement for some time. In short, it means the amount of time when the mind and body are at rest. 

Life means work. Man has to fight hard for his existence. ‘The Theory of Evolution’ says that the most qualified and skilled creatures survive on this earth while others perish. Everybody can not comply with this theory but we can hardly deny the fact.

Vacation is necessary for all beings in this world. Man can be at work without rest. Such life becomes dull and short-lived.  A person is reduced to health when he is physically and mentally occupied with worldly concerns all the times. Then life would be a burden.  But we cannot get rid of works. Furthermore, the man is not a robot, he cannot work all the time. 

Modern life is a busy life. We are in jail for this routine. Relaxation provides an opportunity to break out of this routine. Then the person can breathe free air and the wonders of Nature which provide relaxation to our body and mind. T

But how and when to take leisure? Life is no longer a bed of roses. Surviving becomes a difficult task. There is no system of compulsory slavery, yet we are slaves to ourselves. Therefore, there is difficulty in getting free time. Nevertheless, our work-routine must be so well planned that we can get a few hours of rest. We may get a period of leisure, but if our mind is full of worries then it is not leisure. Leisure is a diversion of our mind and body form our routine work to something that provides with relaxation and entertainment.

In industries, in offices, in educational institutions, in the army, in the navy, etc. – there is a provision of leisure everywhere. Schools and colleges are given holidays to make students happy and refreshed. Sitting six or seven hours in class without a break is really exhausting. Leisure helps in getting rid of this boredom. 

We should know how to spend and use our leisure time. For this, we should raise some hobbies. Lovers of books can turn pages of books. People with a poetic mind can enjoy the objects of Nature under the open sky.  Some people can play games and sports like football, volleyball, cricket, carom, walking etc. Of course, there are no rules or limits on how we should spend our leisure time. It depends on one’s interest and choice.

But If we can use our leisure time properly then it would be rewarding. All the ways of enjoying leisure time are good if they help us overcome our dullness and worries.

Leisure after our routine work is necessary but we should never try to run away from our important work on the pretext of leisure. It is to remember that they can enjoy leisure in the truest sense who are honest in performing their duties. 0 0 0

(This essay ‘Utility of Leisure-An Essay’ originally belongs to the book’ School Essays‘ by Menonim Menonimus)

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