Justice Delayed, Justice Denied–An Amplification

‘Justice delayed, justice denied’- is a common truth. It is said to mean that procrastination in regard to justice is mere harassment.

People go to law court in order to get justice against the injustice done to them. But it is seen that the judicial system is often lengthy because of some unavoidable legal processes.   A lengthy process of the judicial system often disregards the soul of justice. Procrastination in regard to justice is only oppression for good people. Sometimes it is seen that the accused or suspect is proved innocent after a long period. In such a case, they are denied justice because,  throughout the period, the accused persons have to live under social and psychological pressure. 

So it is true that justice delayed leads to sufferance to the accused.

(‘Justice Delayed, Justice Denied’  is taken from the book ‘Amplification Writing‘ by Menonim Menonimus)

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