Look Before You Leap–An Amplification

‘Look before you leap’ is a common saying. It is often said as a warning to be cautious in making a decision.

A hasty decision rarely brings anything good. If we do something wrong in relation to making a decision, we should suffer for it. To write or to say something important, we should think more than several times so that we can avoid the unsatisfactory result. If we fall in a dilemma in making a decision we should consult our friends and elders. Because only one wrong decision can reverse the overall favourable situation and result. When the leader of a nation does something wrong, the entire country has to suffer for it. Though humans are subject to mistakes, yet a decision backed by a deep thought can minimize our them.

(‘Look Before You Leap’  is taken from the book ‘Amplification Writing‘ by Menonim Menonimus)

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