Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone–An Amplification

‘Man does not live by bread alone’- is a wise saying and it is often quoted to mean that we should be mindful both to our body and mind.

To have sound physical health, a person must possess a sound mind. We need food to nourish our body. Similarly, our mind also requires some refreshment for nourishment. A good company, a good book, good natural scenery, music, sports and games, travelling, etc. may provide our mental food. Meeting the demand of mental hunger or thirst is as much necessary and important as physical hunger or thirst. 

Therefore, to live a healthy life, we should take some food for our body as well as our mind.

(‘Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone‘  is taken from the book ‘Amplification Writing‘ by Menonim Menonimus)

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