Come out of thy confined cell

Open your eyes and awaken thy senses

And feel and look at the sky-

The twinkling stars are playing with their mates and maids

The young moon is playing with the grey coloured clouds

The red roses have bloomed spreading their 

Fresh, fair, fragrant petals

The birds are flying over the house roof

In pairs rejoicing their sense of love

The crickets are singing in the street 

Adding their tone to the rippling sound of the monsoon wind

All are ready for thy pleasure.

Cease to weep and be consoled

I’ll never forsake thee.

Come out and enjoy them shaking off the black desire of death

If you die premature- nature with all her objects of beauty

Will weep to die being orphan. 0 0 0

(This poem ‘Lovelia-49’ originally belongs to the poetry book entitled Lovelia, a sequence of love poems by Menonim Menonimus)


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