Had I been a poet- I would have compared thy beauty 

With the beauty of an Autumn morning

I would have compared the deep scent of thy forehead

With the pervasive scent of the night queen

And thy eye-brow with the marigold.

Had I been blest with the gift of verses

I would have compared the blue of thy eye-ball

With the blue of the apparent Autumn sky

And thy cheeks with the brighter brim of dawn

And thy two swelling balls with two pieces of Kashmiri pomegranates.

Alas! I’m deprived of such stamina.

Otherwise, all the past poets might have withered 

And all the future poets would have ceased to be born 

Being ashamed of my art of glorifying thy beauty and charm. 0 0 0

(This poem ‘Lovelia-51’ originally belongs to the poetry book entitled Lovelia, a sequence of love poems by Menonim Menonimus)


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