Everything goes under the sway of Time

The flowers we see today must wither tomorrow

The baby that looks too pretty must grow old and die

The gorgeous palaces, the ever-glorified monuments

Must go to decay.

The high hills that stand proudly must, one day, wear away

But my Lovelia, thou art an exception and exception are my verses

My love if true shall live long through the ages

And then the devouring Death shall suffer a failure.

It is my verse the heart of whom would preserve thee well

And through the ages, thou shall be living 

In the heart of my readers.

Their derived pleasure shall be thy crown 

Their praise shall be thy glory

And thus with thee, my verses shall remain immortal. 0 0 0

(This poem ‘Lovelia-54’ originally belongs to the poetry book entitled Lovelia, a sequence of love poems by Menonim Menonimus)


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