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Riddle-An Anthology


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Riddle- An Anthology


A riddle is a puzzling and clever statement or question devised to get quick and witty answers. Riddles are often thought-provoking. A creator of riddles must have the ingenuity to mean or point things in other ways. A riddle may be as hard or as simple as the person who makes it. For Example-


It keeps us dry in the rain,

But it’s not an umbrella.

It keeps us warm at night,

But it’s not a blanket.

It keeps us cool in the summer,

But it’s not a fan.

What is it? (House)


I have wings.

I can fly,

But I’m not a bird.

People find me in the sky.

Tell me what am I? (Aeroplane)

Riddle is seen present almost in all the languages of the world. We have a lot of riddles inherited from our forefathers. Some years back, we saw our parents and grandparents play on riddles as means of entertainment on some social occasion. 

Riddles may be of two types as- enigmas and conundrums.

An Enigma is a problem in which the solution is expressed metaphorically. Example: ‘Which came first–the chicken or the egg?’

A Conundrum is a confusing question having only a conjectural answer. Example: Question: Why a river is neither rich nor poor? 

Answer: Because there are always two banks

Again Riddles may be classified as Traditional Riddles and Literary Riddles. Traditional Riddles refer to those riddles which have been handed down to us from our forefathers. Example:

‘I have no life yet I can grow. 

I have no lungs yet I need air

I have no mouth but water can kill me.

What am I?’ (Fire)

On the other hand, Literary Riddles are those riddles which are created by the authors imitating the traditional ones. 

‘The paths of glory lead but to the grave’-Thomas Grey

I, being a lover of riddles, have collected some riddles –both traditional and literary– from various sources and have placed them in this lean volume ‘Riddles- An Anthology’, especially for children. Hope that they would like the riddles and would learn to think through entertainment.



What is this? 

It has a trunk,

It has four legs,

It is very big. (Elephant)


What is this?

It helps us a lot,

It gives us fruit,

It gives us shade. (Tree)


What is this?

It has four walls,

It has a door,

We live in it. (House)


What is this?

It is orange like, 

It is very sweet,

We can eat. (Apple)


What is this?

It can climb,

It can run,

It has a long tail. (Monkey)

Riddle-An Anthology


It has four legs

But can’t walk.

What is it? (Table)



When it goes fast, 

We cannot see it,

When it goes slowly, 

We cannot see it.

What is it? (Wind)


I move round myself

And cool you in summer

What am I? (Fan)


It’s made of glass,

But we cannot see through it.

What is it? (Looking glass)


It keeps us dry in the rain,

But it’s not an umbrella.

It keeps us warm at night,

But it’s not a blanket.

It keeps us cool in the summer,

But it’s not a fan.

What is it? (House)

Riddle-An Anthology


I have wings.

I can fly,

But I’m not a bird.

People find me in the sky.

Tell me what am I? (Aeroplane)


I can swim. 

I live in water.

I have fins

What am I? (Fish)


I fall from the clouds in the sky.

I cause the flood.

What am I?  (Rain)


I like milk.

My children are called kittens.

What am I?  (Cat)


I am a big animal.

I have a long trunk and a short tail.

My name starts with ‘E’.

What am I? (Elephant)

Riddle-An Anthology


I wear a coat of wool.

My baby is called lamb.

What am I? (Sheep)


I am a four-lettered word.

My first letter is ‘C’

The last letter is ‘B’

I have many teeth,

But I cannot bite.

What am I? (Comb)


I have a face but no eyes.

I can see the time.

I have two hands though I cannot hold anything.

Can you tell me: what am I? (Clock)

Riddle-An Anthology


I lay eggs.

I can swim.

My babies are called ducklings.

What am I? (Duck)


I am called the king of beasts.

I live in the forest.

I roar and frighten people.

What am I? (Lion)


Red plus yellow is orange.

Red plus blue is purple.

Blue plus yellow is green.

Add white to make them light.

Say: these are the formation of what? (Colour)


I’m white in colour.

I have two eyes.

I have four legs.

I have a short tail.

I have wool on me.

What am I? (Sheep)


I go up and down a lot

Whether it is cold or hot.

Sometimes I am on the ground, 

Other times I am in the clouds.

My name rhymes with ‘daughter’.

I am your friend.

What is my name? (Water)


I am a band of seven colours.

You can see me after the rain.

What am I? (Rainbow)

Riddle-An Anthology


I twinkle at night.

I am very far from you.

I rise at night.

Who am I? (Star)


I am round in shape.

I keep on changing my shape.

You can see me at night.

Who am I? (The Moon)


I give you heat and light.

I rise in the morning.

I set in the evening.

Who am I? (The Sun)


The age of a girl is twice more than the age of her brother and half of her father’s present age. At the age of twenty-two, the age of her brother will be half of her father. What is the age of the girl? (Twenty-two years)


What kind of ‘room’ has neither door nor window? (Mushroom)

Riddle-An Anthology


What is the question to the answer of which you cannot say ‘Yes’? (Have you got sleep?)


Why a river is neither rich nor poor? (Because there are always two banks)


What will you call a cat that eats a lemon? (Sour cat)


How will you find out a lost hare? (Making sound like a carrot)


What letter gives the last shape to the word ‘Everything’? (The letter ‘g’)

Riddle-An Anthology


I am the child of my parents, yet I am not their son. Who am I? (Daughter)


I am like a window.

I am like a lamp.

I can cover and uncover myself.

I am bright.

I can make me inundated myself and make myself dry.

I can speak though I have no language. 

What am I? (Eye)


I have no life yet I can grow. I have no lungs yet I need air

I have no mouth but water can kill me.

What am I? (Fire)


I have a throat but no head.

I have two arms but no hand. 

Who am I? (sweater, shirt)


I go from home to home. 

Sometimes I am narrow and sometimes broad. 

Both in rain and snowfall 

I remain always outside. Who am I? (Street)

Riddle-An Anthology


If you have to write down the numbers from 300 to 400 on your copybook how many times will you write the number 3? (120 times)


You cannot feel me, neither can you see me, nor can you touch me, yet I am in all living body. Who am I? (Soul)


Akan’s father has three sons. One is Appa, the other is Lappa. Who is the third one? (Akan)


You take me to a dark room then you set fire on me and then my head begins to burn down. What am I? (Candle)

Riddle-An Anthology


I am not an aeroplane yet I can fly in the sky. I am not a river yet I am full of water. Who am I? (Cloud)


Think of me I can bring a smile to your face. I can bring tears to your eyes. Sometimes I rise up in your mind being thought, but you can never see me. Who am I? (Reminiscence)


I have a hundred feet, yet I cannot stand up. My throat is long but I have no head. I am a medium of earning food to one who cleanses people’s home. (Broom)


I have no feet to dance. I have no lungs to take the air. I have no soul to live or to die. Yet I can do these three tasks. Who I am? (Fire)


Cloud is my mother, wind in my father, river is my son, fruit is my daughter, the earth is my last bed. I am the cause of both smile and tears of people. Who am I? (Rain)

Riddle-An Anthology


What is the most wonderful city on the earth? (Electricity)


What had it been if your nose grew up to twelve feet long? (Then it would have been a foot)


Question: What does an apple say to an orange?

Answer: Apple does not speak.


Question: Which house has the most stories?

Answer: The public library.


Question: How many words are there in ‘The Alphabet’?

Answer: eleven.

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: What does the stocking say to foot?

Answer: You are pushing me inward.


Question: There were 21 pears in a tree. A group of twenty-one people were passing under it. Then ‘Everybody’ plucked off one apple. Then how many pears were left in the tree?

Answer: Twenty because ‘Everybody’ was the name of a man in the group. None but only he plucked off an apple.


Question: Who eats hill, make plain of a mountain, melt metal, lead the cloud in the sky and turns young people to old and causes old people to die?

Answer: Time.


Question: What does a piece of potato say to another piece?

Answer: Let us go for diving.


Question: What part of an ocean is the deepest?

Answer: Its bed.

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: Who can run but cannot walk, bears a mouth but cannot speak, has a head but cannot cry and has a bed but cannot sleep.

Answer: river.


Question: Why does a heron hold its one leg up?

Answer: Because if it holds up both legs together then it will fall down.


Question: What is the easiest way to multiple a rupee?

Answer: Fold it twice.


Question: What is the favourite game of an ant?

Answer: Cricket.


Question: Why do the birds fly northwards in winter?

Answer: Because they have to walk far.

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: Why does a hen cross a road?

Answer: To get to the other bank of the road.


Question: What is a volcano?

Answer: It is a mountain with a hiccup.


Question: What will it be if a piece of greenstone falls down the Red Sea?

Answer: It would get wetted.


Question: Why ‘Alabama’ is called the shrewdest state of America?

Answer: Because it bears three ‘a’ and one ‘b’.


Question: If you are an American inside a bathroom, then what are you outside it?

Answer: A European.

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: Which word is found to be written ‘wrong’ in a dictionary?

Answer: Wrong.


Question: Who sleeps on his shoes?

Answer: Horse.


Question: Who overcomes the First President?

Answer: The Second President.


Question: A man has a goat, a fox and a piece of cabbage. He has to cross a river in a boat. The boat can carry only one item of the man at a time. If the man carries the fox then the goat would eat away the piece of cabbage. If he takes the piece of cabbage then the fox would eat the goat. How will he solve the problem?

Answer: First he will take the goat to the other bank leaving the fox and the piece of cabbage. Secondly, he will take the piece of cabbage and carry the goat back. Then he will take the fox to the other bank. At last, he will carry the goat again to the other bank of the river.


Question: I am the only thing that always speaks the truth. I show all things that come in front of me. Say what am I?

Answer: Looking Glass.

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: I grow to the sky but the earth keeps me tight. Once I die but I keep myself spreading. Who am I?

Answer: Tree.


Question: You can let me grow long. You can prune me to keep short. You can decorate me or you can keep me as I am. Say who am I?

Answer: Nail.


Question: I am so swift that none sees me. When you look at me, I keep myself down. Who am I?

Answer: Eyes.


Question: If you turn out my skin I do not cry but you do. Who am I?

Answer:  Onion.


Question: Mr Sharma and Mrs Sharma have nine daughters and everybody has a brother. How many members are there in the Sharma family?

Answer: Twelve.

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: If you wish to see me, you cannot see. If you see me then you see no other thing. Sometimes I speak the truth and sometimes I speak false. Who am I?

Answer: Dream.


Question: I am involved with you but others use me more than you use me. What am I? 

Answer: Your name.


Question: In a stable, there are some men and some horses. There are all total of 22 Heads and 72 feet. How many men and how many horses are there in the stable?

Answer: 8 men and 14 horses.


Question: I run across the sunlight yet I do not create any shade. What am I?

Answer: wind.


Question: If we add the ages of a son and his father it becomes 66. The age of the father is just opposite to the age of his son. What are their ages?

Answer: Father 51 and son 15

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: Where was potato got first?

Answer: On the earth.


Question: I take birth in the sky. I look like a colourful lace. Who am I?

Answer: Rainbow.


Question: What does come down to the earth, but does not go to sky?

Answer: Rain.


Question: Which part of ‘London’ is visible in ‘France’ also?

Answer: The letter ‘n’.


Question: Why was George Washington buried at Mount Vernon?

Answer: Because he died there.

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: In a tree, there are 31 birds. If 2 among them are shot down then how many birds will remain in the tree?

Answer: No bird because all the birds will fly away in fear.


Question: What does a whale-like to chew?

Answer: Blubber gum.


Question: At the time of tide and fall what happens to the sea banks?

Answer: The banks are washed off.


Question: What does a case of ornament say to another case?

Answer: Is it your coffin?


Question: Whom you can catch but cannot throw away?

Answer: Cool.

Riddle-An Anthology


Math Teacher: (to an unattentive student) what are 2, 4, 24, and 44?

Student: They are NBC, CBS, HBO, and Cartoon Network.


Question: When an elephant sits on a fence then what does it signify?

Answer: It is time to make another fence.


Question: What is it that appears once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in an hour?

Answer: The letter ‘M’.


Question: A thing that goes everywhere in the world, but remains in a corner. What is it?

Answer: Post Card.


Question: What is the better time of taking lunch?

Answer: After breakfast.

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: What makes a man bald?

Answer: Want of hair.


Question: I go onwards and onwards and never look back. None knows my limit; I go on like a river. I fly like an eagle. What am I?

Answer: Time.


Question: I have two faces, but only one is used. I have no foot but I travel much. For me, there happens much bloodshed. The king leaves his monument on me. If am donated then the donator is much praised. But I become black when earned breaking laws. What am I?

Answer: Money.


Question: I am thing. Some people use me. Some people do not. Some people forget me. Some people use me with skill. None can kill me. Only some people can gain me who have patients and persistent pursuance. Who am I?

Answer: Knowledge.


Question: I have an eye and a long tail with whom I can fly. Every time the tail goes through a chasm. My tail leaves a permanent mark while goes ahead? Who am I?

Answer: Needle.

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: A thing when you have, you want to share with others. When you share it with others, then you lose it. What is the thing?

Answer: Secrecy.


Question: A clock if bells 5 times in 4 seconds then how many times will it bell in 10 seconds?

Answer: 11 times.


Question: A thing full of holes, yet it keeps up water. What is this?

Answer: Sponge.


Question: A thing if given away it does not decrease. What is the thing?

Answer: Knowledge.


Question: If a group of three cats kill three mice in three minutes then how many times will a group of hundred cats take to kill a hundred mice?

Answer: Three minutes.

Riddle-An Anthology


Question: If you give food it will be living. If you give water,  it will die. What is the thing?

Answer: Fire.


Question: 8 years ago the age of Mr Diro was eight times more than his son Niro. If their ages are added together then you will get 52. What are the ages of Mr Diro and Niro?

Answer: Diro 40 and Niro 12.


Nikoo is my playmate,

He is half black and half red.

He has long a tail

He doesn’t fail to follow me.

He can see in the dark,

To strangers, he barks.

Who is Nikoo?

Answer: Nikoo is a dog.


I have a little sister

They call her Pretty Peep,

She wades in the waters

Deep, deep, deep.

She climbs up the mountains

High, high, high,

My pretty little sister,

She has just one eye.

Who is Pretty Peep? (Star)

*The End*

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